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Award-winning French actress of Moroccan origin. She recently starred in a one-woman show that she performed in no less than 30 countries, from China to Chile, and on every continent! The French Ministry of Culture liked STUPEUR ET TREMBLEMENTS so much that Layla received the Femmes d'Influences de l'Elysée award and sponsored each of her international trips. Based on the novel by Amélie Nothomb (winner of the prestigious Grand Prix de l'Académie française in 1999), it tells the amazing story of a woman in monologue, dance and music - to sold-out houses and rave reviews.  
She came to Los Angeles last year to promote THE WELL, Algeria's official entry in the Best Foreign Film Oscar category, in which she plays the lead role.
Co-represented with Crawford Talents (Berlin) & NB Management (LA) , she lives between LA, Paris, Berlin & London. She just booked an international (NDA).
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23/05/2022 · Cinéma

Projection "NOVEMBRE" - Cannes 2022


Presented out of competition at the Cannes festival,

NOVEMBER of Cedrix Jimenez is about the investigation

that followed the Parisian attacks of 2015.


There was long ovation at the end of the film


With EMANUEL FELIX along Jean Dujardin, Sandrine Kimberlain...

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Jarreth for INFINITY - CANAL at CannesSeries


JARRETH J.MERZ, co represented by Crawford Talents, plays in INFINITY for CANAL & Directed by Thierry Poiraud alongside Céline Sallette, Daniyar Alshinov...

Infinity is presented out of competition at Canneseries.

The ISS, the International Space Station has gone silent. The crew is in distress. Simultaneously, a beheaded and wax covered body is found on a roof in Kazakhstan. Positive identification leaves no room for doubt: the body belongs to Anthony Kurz, an American astronaut currently on a mission on the ISS. Anna Zarathi, a French astronaut, dismissed from the space program, and Isaak Turgun, a Kazakh cop, disowned by his ranking hierarchy, set out to solve this mysterious paradox...

Note from the artistic direction
A new original creation by CANAL+, Infiniti delves with ambition into a journey tinged with supernatural and even mysticism. Through a very surprising narrative, the series takes place in visually stunning Kazakh landscapes and spatial universe.

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Jarreth in Cœurs Noirs for AMAZON


Jarreth plays in COEURS NOIRS for AMAZON with Nicolas Duvauchelle, Marie Dompnier, Tewfik Jallab...
Production by Mandarin Televisions, directed by Ziad Doueiri.
PITCH : The French Special Forces are deployed in Iraq, on the eve of the battle of Mosul, in October 2016. The members of this commando have the mission to find and exfiltrate the daughter and the grandson of an important French Emir of Daesh who captured and who will cooperate with them only on this condition.
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