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Niveau bon : Close combat, Football, Natation, Randonnée, Tennis, Tennis de Table, Tir

Africaine (bon) , Dance Hall (bon) , Hip-hop (bon) , Tango (bon)

Ténor léger


2021 ALLEIN DR. DIKEMBI (RP) Prix d’Encouragement Blue Open Stage
2016 CARMENCITA DON JOSE (RP) Prix d’ateur FITUE Essaouira


2022 FASSADENLOS - Damien Hauser Art4um/ Aron Markus Graf - POLICIER
2022 MAMA’S BOY - Ianic Côrtes Santos Inclusive Illusion, F&F - MAX (RS)
2022 RAUKOPF - Aurelio Galfetti Aurelio Galfetti - ANAO (RP)
2021 PAXMAL - Sven Schnyder Art Schnyder/Orisono - CONSIERGE (RP)
2021 ALLEIN - Damien Hauser Luisa Wolf - DR. DIKEMBI (RP)
2021 S’ GÄLD - Tobias Madison ZHdK - SEBASTIEN (RP)
2021 UNE HISTOIRE PROVISOIRE - Romed Wyder Paradigma Films - PAPA DE LIANE
2020 THE MOLE - Ambrose Smoke Ambrose Smoke - MR. KATANGA (RS)
2019 EDGE - Nischay Madhavan Nischay Madhavan - JEAN KITOKO (RS)
2018 A GIRL FROM MOGADISHU - Mary McGuckian Pembridge Pictures - PRÉSIDENT


2021 DEVILLE Biker/Wanderer - Simone Kern SRF - RANDONNEUR (RP)
2021 DEVILLE Einkaufswägeli - Marco Arrigoni SRF - PÈRE (RS)
2021 DEVILLE Rückgabe - Marco Arrigoni SRF - TRICOTEUR (RS)
2021 DEVILLE Therapie - Marco Arrigoni SRF - INUK
2021 52 MINUTES Récureurs - Ludo Jaccard RTS - NICK FURAX (RP)
2021 DEVILLE Corona - Marco Arrigoni SRF - PRÊTRE (RP)

Clovis Kasanda is an actor known for "A Girl from Mogadishu" and "Stratum: The Prologue". He studied at Jacques Lecoq and Actors Way E.V.A theater schools in Paris. In spring 2016, he won the best actor award, at the Fitue international theatre festival of Essaouira, for his role as Don Jose. He has since performed the roles of Hamlet, Orsino, and acts in English, French, German and Swiss-German. Clovis is actually in the cast of Sankara the play London as Jean Lingani and Charles Taylor. Born in Kinshasa, DR Congo and growing up in Switzerland, he became a football goalkeeper and landed the 2nd place in Swiss junior championship. Clovis also served in the Swiss army and took on peacekeeping missions as an officer in Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina. But he thinks the emotions experienced on stage and on set are greater and so he was drawn to acting.

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