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Director’s Biography

Vladislav Yö was born in Dresden, Germany on the 4th of May, 1990. After completing a pathway in contemporary composition at the musical high-school Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in Berlin, he went on to study film. First, at the London College of Communication and afterwards at Central Saint Martins. In order to enrich his understanding of performative, contextual, as well as visual aesthetics - aiming at a border-crossing format of cinema - he worked together with Robert Wilson, Hotel Pro Forma, Rustam Khamdamov and Ilya Khrzhanovsky. After numerous shorts, documentaries, fashion films & video installations he decided to mount his first full-length production along with his long time collaborator Maria Magdalena Mitrovski, who served as the producer. This step led to ANGST, a 99 minutes cinematic Gesamtkunstwerk (a so-called synthesis of the arts), starring Renata Litvinova in the lead, created completely from independently gathered means and volunteering contribution. The film was completed in late 2017 and is currently in the process of distribution.
Vladislav and Maria intend to pursue their artistic vision as a creative duo under the collective name M | V Studios - Berlin. The purpose of this cinematic atelier is to further explore the development of cinema in the form of a visual content that uses overlapping sensory perception as a medium of recognition and epiphany.

Selected Filmography

ANGST— Director, Author, Art Director & Editor Feature, 99min, Sci-Fi - Psychological Thriller Producer: Maria Magdalena Mitrovski Berlin, 2017

Björk ... (additional dialogue) Renata Litvinova ... (additional dialogue) Vladislav Yö

ANGST is a psychological study in the form of a film. An emotionally deeply rooted, yet mentally terrorizing relationship between an empath and a sociopath, serves as a microcosmic example to analyze the inexplicable phenomenon of aeons: LOVE. Thus, V.irtue descends to planet Earth to deliver a report about the earthlings' ways of life. However, once he falls in love with the young Keyvan, he becomes exposed to the darkest secret of them all: the desire and fear of love. Once the report is handed over to Frau Dr. Oberhaupt, an interrogation within a superterrestrial constellation begins. What occurred to V.irtue on Earth and how come the best thing about earthly life can cause so much pain?

IMDB link of ANGST: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7370234/
Official Facebook of ANGST: https://facebook.com/film.angst
Official Instagram of ANGST: https://instagram.com/film.angst

SOM— Director, Art Director & Editor Fashion Film London, 2016 Premiere: Design for Dance, London; March 2016

LITTLE BERLIN—VJ Immersive Event Fire Club London, 2015 Jettison— Director, Author & Editor Short Copenhagen, 2015 Premiere: Hotel Pro Forma Lounge, May 2015

L.O.V.E (Life Craving Oxytocic Vector Space Evaluating Evolution)— Art Director & Author VR Installation Architect & Programmer: Jacob Petersen Premiere: BIM Equity Copenhagen, March 2015 The Jewels of Rustam Khamdamov— Director & Editor Documentary & A Retrospective Production: Maria Magdalena Mitrovski Moscow / Berlin, 2012 Premiere : Kino Krokodil, Berlin; June 2013 The Uncertainty Of A Poet— Director, Author, Art Director & Editor Short Production: Maria Magdalena Mitrovski London, 2013

LA MER— Director, Author, Art Director & Editor Short Production: Maria Magdalena Mitrovski Berlin / Fynshav, 2011 Premiere: International Film Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris, October 2012

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